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Things to know before making your payment online

  • To make your payment you will need your policy number and payment amount.

  • Before making your payment online ensure that you are paying the correct amount. Any payments received that are less that what is due will not be considered as timely payment until the remaining balance is paid.

  • Payments made by Credit or Debit card require 3 business days to process and payments made by e-check require 5 business days to process. Once the payment has been processed it will then be posted to the insurance company.

  • Any payments received after the due date (including processing time) are subject to late fees and/or cancellation by the insurance company.

  • If you are not sure if you have enough time to process your payment online please give us a call at 718-204-1555 first before making your payment.

  • All payments made online are subject to service fee of 3%.

  • If your bank dishonors your payment than it will be considered as not being received and you may be subject to additional fee and/or cancellation by the insurance company.

To pay your American Transit policy CLICK HERE


To pay any other policy CLICK HERE

Need a reminder when to  make your payments?

You can also set up your policy for auto-pay!

Fill out the form below based on your preferred method of payment and send it back to us to enroll your policy in auto-pay. You will never have to worry about when to make your payments again.

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